About the Trust

Nishkam School Trust (NST) is a pioneering group of academies with a Sikh ethos, multi-faith, virtues-led approach to education. We are inspired by the inter-religious legacy of the Sikh faith.  We believe that our approach to education should be more than simply be a means to acquiring factual knowledge. It should engage pupils more fully to what it might be to be of the highest of human virtue and engage in the question of the purpose of life and beyond.

NST has grown since the first wave of free schools in 2011. We now have the privilege of educating almost 3000 students across seven schools in the West Midlands and West London:  two primary schools, one secondary school, one all-through school and 2 nurseries.

In addition, we operate a vocational training college in Kericho Kenya.

We have developed an inclusive, virtues-led, multi-faith educational approach that nurtures pupils of all faiths and those of no particular faith.  The Nishkam ethos is to help grow a selfless mind-set, aspiring to excellence as well as going beyond ourselves to serve others, to create supportive communities and to realise our true potential. This permeates every aspect of our schools.

We strongly believe that ‘all children can, and will, achieve’ through skillful teaching and aspirations towards excellence; we also strongly believe in creating partnerships to share best practice, resources, foster long-term collaboration and a wider community ethic and approach.

For more information, please visit www.nishkamschooltrust.org

About the Role

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the right leader to make a significant contribution to the development of quality of primary education. This will include embedding a culture and ethos based on excellence and high aspirations to achieve very high outcomes.